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A will is a legal document drafted and executed according to state laws that becomes irrevocable upon the property owner’s death. It is always drafted professionally by a lawyer, often referred to as a “wills lawyer.” The power of such documents makes it essential for you to have this done by the most reputable lawyer you can find. Therefore, we’ve let you know that we can smoothly work with you on this subject.

A pour-over will is often created alongside a living trust to avoid probate. This allows a will to pass through a trust upon the party’s death and then distribute it to the beneficiaries. We ensure that assets not placed in a trust are distributed to the beneficiaries according to the drafter’s intention.

As far as law practice is concerned, this remains one of the most delicate aspects. Sometimes, the more extensive practice of such a law only suffices upon the proclamation of the death of the drafter. This is why only the best and most credible lawyers in this area should be consulted. Luckily for you, James W. Amos, Attorney at Law, is just such a firm. We have credibility at our firm and ensure fairness in handling every case.

We provide highly skilled and experienced attorneys with the utmost knowledge of legal procedures and know how to present the client’s most compelling case in a courtroom. We effectively represent your case and ensure that you receive the financial gains that you are entitled to by law, while equally optimizing your best interests.

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